Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Classic Curry, Melbourne CBD by Big Fil

Sometimes trying to organise a place for lunch is like herding cats. We must have gone through half a dozen possibilities before finally settling on Classic Curry on Elizabeth Street.

Close to work, it'd been highly recommended by a colleague but has always looked quite dodgy from the outside. It is, however, a 'classic' case of first impressions can be misleading. Not that the food is special, but it's perfectly acceptable, delivered fast and very cheap.

Snooze and Ms Eve both went for vegetarian curries, the potato and peas (aloo mutter) and chickpeas (chloe) curries. Vegetarian curries aren't always my favourite and to me there wasn't much to choose between the two in standard.

Both were a little bland lacking much spice or depth of flavour.

The butter chicken (chicken makhani) was very similar, a bit too sweet but hardly the worst I have had. Around average suburban takeaway standard.

Much better was the naan. These were light, crisp but not burnt, with a light coating of butter. Some of the better naan I have had and probably the cheapest at only $1 a piece. In some ways I'd almost order the curries to go with the naan rather than the other way around.

While a little full from the curries given they were so cheap we also wanted to try the desserts on offer - gulab jamon, kulfi and kheer. Like the naan these were better than the curries. The gulab jamon was hot, and sweet but not overly syrupy.

The kulfi rich and creamy. Definitely Snooze's favourite.

While the kheer could have used some more spices or nuts to give it a bit more flavour, the serve was generous and at the price it was perfectly acceptable.

Better than you would expect given the way the shop looks from the outside but still a mixed bag. The curries were ordinary, the naan excellent and the desserts somewhere in between. If you're looking for a fine dining experience or to probe the subtleties of Indian spices then I'd give Classic Curry a miss. But if you're near the Queen Victoria Markets and have a taste for a quick butter chicken you could do worse. The quality is better in some other places around town but the prices are very difficult to beat - three mains with rice, three garlic naans and three desserts for $36.

Food - 6.5
Service - 7
Ambience - 6
Price - 8

597 Elizabeth Street
Melbourne Vic 3000
Tel: (03) 9329 4040

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