Monday, August 10, 2015

The Northcote, Clapham (UK) by Bureaucrat

When in Rome, you do what the Romans do.  When in London, you go to the pub.  With about 12 hours or so before my flight back to Melbourne, Ms S and I had lunch at The Northcote.  Located in Clapham, the pub has a very twee British vibe that's obviously catering to the upwardly-mobile nouveau bourgeoisie that live in the area - think: Jamie Oliver trying to be the 'everyday' man but still somewhat self-conscious of the fact that he earns more than the man on the street.

Pub grub is the fare.  Ms S' vegetarian gnocchi looked amazing.  It was coated in a lovely rich cheesy sauce.

I have many peeves about British food but a nice piece of pan fried liver served with proper bacon, creamy mash and gravy isn't one of them.  This was a pretty decent sized serve and also pretty decent in taste.

As we both felt like we had to be sensible, we got a serve of broccolini to share.  While the mains were very nicely done, the greens were dismal.  Overcooked, and I strongly suspected they were re-heated in the microwave.

Verdict: we liked it a lot

A nice pub.  It's clean, friendly and light.  The food is pretty good. 

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