Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Short Round, Thornbury by Obelix

The Bureaucrat and I don't often get a chance to explore the Northern neck of the woods so when the opportunity arose, we did a reco down High St.

We spotted Short Round cafe which seemed quite popular (a good sign), had side street parking (also a good sign) and it looked rather appealingly renovated (a very good sign).  We siddled up for brunch.

I decided to try their omelette with cauliflower, comte and chives on a sourdough bread ($16.50).  I was very happy with this order - substantially sized, loads of cauli within and the melted salty comte went very well with the cauli.

Here's an interior shot for you.

The Bureaucrat was in a strange frame of mind...she ordered herself a side of bacon and some fries.  I nibbled a bit of her shoestring fries and found them a touch over done, a hairsbreath away from burnt. The sides were $5 each which wasn't a bad deal.

We were both very impressed with the 9 Spice Chai.  ($4.50).  Creamy and heavenly spiced.

Verdict:  We liked it.

Short Round is a pleasant cafe serving brunch / cafe offerings at reasonable prices.  Their al fresco area off to the side street is an inviting place to loll around for awhile.

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