Sunday, August 16, 2015

Gail's Bakery, Battersea (UK) by Bureaucrat

Who doesn't love a good bakery?  I heart carbs, especially carbs that are light, fluffy and full of delicious gluten.

Following our hearty, stodgy lunch at The Northcote, Ms S and I decided to grab some baked goods as a light dinner.  I got a trio of delectable goodies that were just a-may-zing. I'm usually not a fan of sausage rolls as they're filled with some form of unidentifiable meat and cardboard pastry, but this pork roll was divine.  Proper porkiness, seasoned with lots of herbs, encased in a buttery, light pastry.  Dang it, I should have bought a few more to nibble on.  The blueberry custard brioche was generously topped with a not-too-sweet streusel; while the hot cross bun was utter perfection - light in texture, full of spices, and sticky, shiny glaze.

This here is Ms S' selection for herself and husband.  She was equally enamoured by the quality and flavours.

Verdict: we loved it

Omg.  I so wish I lived in Gail's Bakery so I can try everything twice!  It's a cute space, bright, light and I love the visual display of the baked goods.  If I was in London again, I'd make a special trip to Gail's just to have it again!

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