Thursday, August 20, 2015

I Love Pho Express, Melbourne CBD by Bureaucrat

The convenience of the Emporium means that there's more options for lunch on a rainy day.  Having had a 'meh' lunch at Mama's Buoi, this lunchtime I tried out I Love Pho Express.

It's a place-your-order-take-a-buzzer kind of a place.  Having got there around 1pm, I was scrounging for a seat nearby.  My small beef pho was okay.  Reasonable amount of noodles, broth was moderately deep in flavour but nothing to write home about (just barely enough for a blog post).  Everything seemed like it was measured (x grams of noodles, x slivers of beef, etc).

Verdict: we liked it

The pho here ain't rocking my world but it's good enough on a rainy day where you can't be bothered venturing outside and getting your feet wet.

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