Thursday, August 6, 2015

DakDak Cafe, Moorabbin by Obelix

Trying to save a buck on postage on my internet shopping, I found myself in the industrial heartland of Moorabin picking up my order from a warehouse with Kiddo and my sister in tow.  Feeling peckish, with Fat Bob's being closed, we hunted for an alternative. 

We soon discovered a very similar type of alternative, Dakdak Cafe. Like Fat Bob's, it was fashionably factory-chic, set in what seemed like a warehouse.  It too was decorated with vintage memorabilia and it even had an Airstream lodged within which served as prep kitchen. 

Burgers and sangas are the specialities of Dakdak.  I could not resist the pulled pork with slaw burger.  This was delightfully juicy and came with big wedged pieces of triple cooked potatoes.  The staff were very friendly and offered us a choice of three dipping sauces.  We had the herbed mayo. 

Kiddo had the mini Dakdak burger from the kid's menu.

My sister had the adult version of the Dakdak burger.  She enjoyed it but struggled with finishing the huge serve of wedges (not that she's complaining).

Verdict: We liked it. 

Dakdak Cafe is a friendly and quirky eatery.  The servings are generous and the burgers pretty decent. 

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