Friday, March 27, 2015

Shebeen, Melbourne CBD by Bureaucrat

Ever since Big Fil had the chainapple (a mocktail made with pineapple juice with chai spices and topped with a sprig of mint), I wanted to check out Shebeen.  So a long lunch with my team at work was my chance to try it.  However, it was a cold day so I didn't end up ordering.

What we did get was to try out a number of their dishes, including sliders.  The ones shown above are the meaty ones - BBQ beef w kim chi and pork belly w jalapeno jam.  Shebeen's also got a big range of world beers - all of the profits from the beers go to various charities (each beer has a designated charity).

I got the Mexican organic Fairtrade quinoa salad, which was served with cherry tomato salsa and organic corn chips.  For few more dollars, I also got aside of roast pork. It was a nice quinoa salad - hefty, filling.  But the best bit was the cherry tom salsa - it was sweet, juicy and loaded with citrusy zingyness.  The corn chips were rather 'meh' - a rather lame 'filler' in my opinion (although everyone at them as a beer snack).  For $4 you get quite reasonable amount of pork, which was nice and salty, although the crackling was only good in part.

I also got a house-blend soy chai latte, which had a lovely frothy top but could have been stronger in flavour.  Gorgeous cup, though.

The other people in my team got the banh mi with smoked tofu, grilled eggplant and Asian slaw with fresh coriander, Thai basil and housemade chipotle aioli...

...more sliders (the one on the left is the smoked tofu, the other one is a meat one)...

...the chicken mole, which is a Mexican-style slow cooked chicken stew, made with Loving Earth chilli chocolate.  It came with rice, corn chips and pickled onions...

...and the banh mi with crispy pork belly, chicken liver parfait, housemade pickled
carrot, cucumber, coriander chilli & bulldog sauce; and also a slider.

Verdict: we liked it.

Shebeen is styled like a Mexican cantina - it's a bit rustic and is more hippy than hipster.  The food is reasonably tasty but nothing exceptional.  I'd say the food menu is geared towards giving punters to eat while they're drinking.  The service is a wee bit scatty and most of us felt like we weren't entirely sure they got our orders (but they did).  There isn't table service, instead you order at the bar.  

If you want something that's relaxed and unfussy for your beer and or a light meal, this is the place for it.

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