Thursday, March 19, 2015

Cafe Vue hot cross buns (by invitation)

With the scent of mixed spice in the air, you know Easter is fast approaching (long weekend, woo hoo!).  To get into the Easter spirit, we were lucky to get a box of Cafe Vue's gourmet hot cross buns.

With two delectable flavours, I got the family round for an early Easter morning tea.  The hands down favourite was the chocolate buns.  It wasn't surprising that little Bubba Chuck loved the chocolate ones but it was also a hit with golden oldies, Mr Strong and Mother Hen.  The bun is chocolaty but not in-your-face sweet.  The lovely aromatic orange and ginger puree that's mixed into the batter rounds off the sweetness from the chocolate.

The spelt and cranberry buns were more like your typical hot cross buns but with added depth from the ginger and orange.  Of the two, these were definitely more filling with the use of spelt flour. 

Gorgeous with a cuppa!

I've previously have eaten these buns fresh on the day I got them and can attest to them to being wonderfully soft and slightly squidgy in texture.  However, as I wanted to have the family around to try these, we ate them the day after I got them.  While still fresh, they were just a wee drier in texture so we popped them in the oven for a quick toast and slathered them with salted butter - delicious!

The buns are available now at Cafe Vue and you can even order them online.  

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Anonymous said...

sounds good!
My kids will love them.

EatAndBeMerryCrew said...

Hi Anon, big and little kids will love these buns :)

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