Saturday, March 14, 2015

Amici Trattoria, Camberwell by Obelix

Amici Trattoria is a candlelit cozy restaurant serving Italian fare.  We went there for dinner on a Saturday night and it made for a great evening out - the staff were friendly, meal came quickly and food did not disappoint.

As an appetizer we ordered an antipasto plate to share and a few loaves of garlic bread.  The antipasto plate had an assortment of nibblies:  salami, olives, preserved veggies and pickles, a few solid wedges of parmesan and meatball.

The garlic bread, or rather rustic bread with garlic butter was a nice accompaniment to the antipasto.

For mains, as a creature of habit, I ordered their osso bucco.  It's a huge serve and I loved the slow cooked texture.  It came with saffron rice to mop up the sauce.

Kiddo being a creature of habit also, had her regular scallop risotto in a kid size serve.  (Please excuse the lighting in the photos as when the night wore on, we were solely reliant on candle light.  Very romantic but not so conducive to good photography).

The others ordered the following which were all generously plated - sirloin steak...

...and the chicken special.

For desserts we ordered few sweets to share.  The tiramisu was divine...

...and the chocolate panna cotta...

 and gelato were general crowd pleasers.

Verdict:  We loved it.  

The mains averaged in the $20-something mark and the desserts were under $10 each.  Amici Trattoria has a very pleasant, cozy, romantically lit ambience.  We will definitely be going again.

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