Friday, March 20, 2015

Op Pa's Kitchen, Melbourne CBD by Obelix

I am a sucker for anything with a quirky name.  So when I walked past Op Pa's Kitchen which advertised "Meal Buckets" for $10, I thought, a meal bucket is exactly what I needed for I had visions of me eating hog style out of a trough.

It's a cafe-style affair offering Korean food on the quick.  The meal buckets turned out to be traditional Korean wooden receptacles for rice, meat and veg.  I ordered the Bulgogi filled one for $10.  It was a decent size for the price and tasted reasonably well.  It came with accompanying potato fritter, pickles and greenery.

The Bureaucrat was after a light meal and ordered herself some Korean fried chicken $6.  They were probably on the darker side of nuked, but were nicely seasoned.

Verdict:  We liked it.

Op Pa's Kitchen was an okay feed for the price and the service was quick enough for a lunch time hit and run.

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