Thursday, March 12, 2015

City Grill Room, Melbourne CBD by Bureaucrat

Steak porn - is how I'd describe our lunch at City Grill Room.  Eating out with 'the guys' mean that we either go cheap eats or we get steak.  And there's no pretense of eating healthily or eating anything green.

There are other stuff on the menu besides steak but who goes to a steakhouse and orders anything but steak?  I can't quite remember who ordered what, but this was some sort of steak-on-a-bone (not T-bone, though).  You get your choice of starch (chips, fries, mash... oh the options!) and for a few bucks more you can pick a sauce.

A couple of the guys went for the eye fillet, served bloody rare which appealed to their cavemen instincts.

While the rest of us (me included) went for the scotch fillet steak.  It was a reasonable steak, a little bit dry and chewy but that's probably my fault as I asked for it to be medium-well.  I was regretting not forking over a few more dollars to get the eye fillet.  The chips were nicely thick cut but nothing especially memorable.  I could only eat half of my steak and the waitress very, very kindly allowed me to take the rest away but told me not to let the kitchen staff see.

Some soft bread came before we had our steaks - which was a good thing since there was a bit of a wait on the steaks.

We shared a spoonful of a rather 'meh' chocolate lava cake.  This was about $14 and I didn't think it was that nice, although some of the guys thought it was nice. If it was priced at less than $10 (say, $8), I'd say it'd be the right price for the quality and quantity.

Verdict: we liked it.

The steaks are reasonable and expect to pay around $35-$45 for the steaks (depending on the serve, cut and add-ons).  While it was fine, I can't see myself going back there again - I much prefer the steaks elsewhere, such as The Last Jar.

Service is friendly, although the kitchen service was a bit slow on the day we went.  The place is quite popular and was packed out.  CGR is located underneath a rather uninspiring car park.

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