Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Deery Restaurant & Smokehouse, Brisbane (QLD) by Obelix

I was at the Story Bridge Hotel's temporary restaurant during its renovation last year.  I left with the impression that the food was expensive and the quality average.  So when my friend suggested we revisted the now renovated establishment, I had my reservations but I went with the flow.  

Second time around, it was a very different experience.  From the moment we entered the establishment, Fran, our host was very hospitable even though it was a busy Thursday night.  I’ve always known this restaurant as the Story Bridge Hotel but this section is actually known as Deery Restaurant and Smokehouse.

For entrée we all had a warm sourdough corn roll with a yummy smoked olive and herb butter.  We shared two delicious platters.  The charcuterie platter was my favourite which included smoked sobrassada, coffee crusted pastrami, warm pork and duck terrine, spiced green pickles and sourdough. 

The provincial platter was filled with country style chicken and pistachio terrine, ham off the bone, guindillas, cheese ‘toastie’, cumquat. I am just salivating reminiscing.  *sigh*

For main, I went for the Pure Black Angus O.P rib fillet 450gm pasture fed from Greenham Tasmania,  baby beets, duck fat potato, smoked onion soubise, red wine jus.  Absolutely succulent steak and nothing, nothing, beats potatoes done in duck fat.  

One of my friends ordered the smoked free range chicken cooked in an apricot and saffron tagine with almonds, peas and mint served over buttered grains.  

The other friend ordered the twice cooked boneless beef short rib buttery mash, broccolini with crushed hazelnuts, smoked onion and IPA reduction.

We all enjoyed their mains and got some chips to share for the table.

We quaffed the Two Hands Gnarly wine with our meal at $65 for the bottle.  

My friends went on to desserts but I was too full to even attempt sweets.  But they did look good though. Here are the pics of the cassata...

...and the chocolate pud. 

Verdict:  We loved it.

I am glad I gave the Deery a second look in.  A great dining experience.  Just to give you an idea of costs, the mains were between $30 and $45, the platters were about $30 each and the desserts were $14.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds very good!

EatAndBeMerryCrew said...

Thank you! It was 😋

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