Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Smack DAB, South Kelowna (Canada) by Bureaucrat

Feeling like I'd stepped onto the set of Dawsons Creek meets The O.C. (don't call it that), Smack DAB is a real experience in North American, smart casual, upper-middle class dining.

The set out is light, bright and breezy.  The staff are all good looking - like they're from a Tommy Hilfiger catalogue - although some are more chummy than others (some others definitely have a snooty "I'm too good(-looking) for you" air about them).

With prime views of Lake Okanagan, the greatest drawcard for S.DAB is the view.  Blue skies, dazzling sunshine, calm waters, boats and jetties, private beaches and luxury lakeside holiday homes surround the area.

My Smack DAB salad (CAD$13) was pretty good value and hit the spot well.  It was very fresh, filling but light - filled with mixed greens, roasted yam, cherry toms, pickled red onion, carrot ribbons, pumpkin seeds and citrus and shallot dressing.  For an extra CAD$6 I got some prawns on top, however, I would have thought I'd get more than the four middling sized prawns.

While I thought the Lawyer's Pad Thai (CAD$21) was a weird experimentation in fusion, the Lawyer liked the dish.  As you can see, this looks nothing like a typical pad Thai.  This was pan-seared chicken and black tiger prawns, Asian veg in a red Penang curry sauce, rice noodles and honey roasted almonds.

The gorgeous view of Lake Okanagan at sunset.

Verdict: we liked it.

The food is fresh and the view is great.  The best seats are outside on the patio.  You can easily relax here and have breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner and after dinner drinks here.  I'd stick to the non-fusion dishes.  We also had breakfast here and it was pretty good too.

Ps. Join the crowd and bring your best pair of sunglasses to look chic while soaking up the atmosphere.

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