Saturday, December 13, 2014

Hillcrest Dining Room, Revelstoke (Canada) by Bureaucrat

Leaving the beauty of the Rockies behind us (I felt a twinge of sadness when we moved from Mountain Standard Time to the bog-standard Pacific Standard Time) we continued our journey across British Columbia to get to Vancouver.  Having travelled some ways down the Rockies, we took a much needed lunch stop at the Hillcrest Dining Room at Revelstoke.  We were given the plum table with at the windows that had glorious views of the surrounding mountainside. 

We were to indulge in a three course lunch, which featured North American cuisine – something that I was looking forward to trying more of.

First course was a crisp salad of mixed leaves and served w an apple-maple vinaigrette, strawberries and mint.  It was simple, fruity and appetite-inducing.  I felt like a Lady Who Lunches out on a spa day.

The main course was a delicious oven-baked fresh BC salmon w lemon maple, wild blueberry sauce, served w basmati rice pilaf and steamed veg.  I just loved the use of fruit in the savoury dishes - it really goes well together - the subtle berriness from the bluebs and the fresh sweetness from the salmon.  A delicious, healthy and filling meal - I loved it!

While I actually full by now, I felt I had to at least try some of the roasted hazelnut chocolate mousse – it was gorgeously thick yet airy and smooth.  The Lawyer scored big time as he got to polish of his serve of the dessert and mine as well.

To cap off a delicious meal, we got some tea as well.

Verdict - we loved it.

Super friendly, prompt service and really good, fresh food that was well made.  Great use of fruit and fresh produce here.  The Hillcrest Dining Room is a lovely spot and we wished we had more time to linger and soak up the atmosphere of the late summertime.

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