Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Becasse, Melbourne CBD by Bureaucrat

Although I had my eye on the Tea Palace at the Emporium (which, if you haven't seen it yet, is like an homage to oestrogen - think, pink walls, gilt framed windows, textured wallpaper, cushioned chairs all in the style of a rather successful lady French bourgeoisie taking tea in one of her many sitting rooms in her McChateau), we decided to have lunch at Becasse.

Becasse is right opposite the Tea Palace.  Instead of the sugary, girly pink and pastel and gold colours that festoon the Tea Palace, Becasse is a strident example of sleek modernity and sharp, clean lines of silver, black and crisp white. 

We found out from the staff that the food at Becasse is really the food from Jones the Grocer (which is another cafe/providore in the Emporium).  We found that out because I asked the staff what the soup of the day was, and they said they had to ring downstairs to find out.  In this case, the soup of the day was roasted tomato and basil.  A nicely rich tomato flavour, with added oomph from the onions, garlic and basil.  It was served with a chewy slice of sourdough.  Perfect size for a light lunch.

Ms H went for a wedge of mushroom quiche.  While she liked the flavour and texture (smooth and rich filling with a thin, flaky pastry) she did feel that it was a tad lukewarm and could have done with a few more minutes under the grill to heat it up properly.  It was served with a nice crisp salad.

Although I was quite tempted, I didn't try any of the gorgeous cakes on offer.  Definitely for next time.

Verdict: we liked it.

A nice cafe for a light meal.  The quality is above average but I still feel it's a tad pricey.  But given that it's inside the Emporium, it's pitching at the right sort of clientele.  I feel it's more about having a smart-looking place to have a meal in between an epic shopping session.  Service is friendly and prompt.

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