Friday, December 19, 2014

Ease Garden Chinese Restaurant, Dandenong by Obelix

The Olds have been talking about this restaurant for a while now in glowing terms.  As my mum is one tough critic, I figured Ease Garden has to be of pretty good calibre.  So for family lunch, my parents kindly invited us down to try it out for ourselves.

We ordered the following dishes which came with complementary soup and tong shui.

The complementary soup which was a combo of veggies and bone broth.  Very flavourful and not too salty (which is a good thing)

Sweet and Sour Pork.  I didn't try this but Kiddo had about four pieces so I'm surmising it tasted good and the meat was tender as Kiddo hates putting in any effort to chew anything,

This scallop dish was quite awesome.  Plenty of scallops and the bok choy was fresh and crisp.

This was the XO prawns.  Again plenty of veggies which I like to keep things healthy.  Not too spicy for a XO sauce which is good so it's more palatable for young and old.

Chinese vegetables with Beef.  Once again, the veggies were plentiful and crisp.  The beef was tender.

This was my favourite - the stir fried spinach in soup stock.  The goji berries were a nice addition.

This was the deep fried fish with a sweet corn gravy.  An old Chinese restaurant staple.

Lastly, we had the tong shui which was a white fungus with goji berries.  I don't normally drink tong shui as I find them too sickly sweet and claggy.  This one was very refreshing with the white fungus.

Verdict: we loved it!

As I did not pay for this meal, I don't know the break down of the costs.  However I was told it was $120 including tips for the seven of us.  This was a great satisfying meal and I will definitely come back.

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