Friday, December 26, 2014

Melbourne Street Organics Cafe, Malvern by Obelix

I have a new found hobby - kombucha brewing!...which led me to Melbourne Street Organics as they sell kombucha starter kits...which led me to be pleasantly surprised by the array of moreish treats that can be made whilst keeping it fructose-lite and FODMAP friendly...which led me to consume these two things of beauty:

This was a peppermint cheesecake.  I understand it had spinach in it to give it that vibrant green colour and the base was made with cacao and nuts with cacao nibs on top.  It was so intense but I could not help but finish it all...

Kiddo chose the raw vegan caramel slice.  It's been decades since I have allowed myself a caramel slice but since this was a healthier option, I allowed myself a bite or two, or three...  The base is once again with nuts and cacao and I think I detected something coconutty?

Just as well the kombucha starter kit came with a few kombucha shots.  I sure needed those to aid my digestion after scoffing down the sweet treats.

Verdict: we loved it!

Melbourne Street Organics also does the usual savoury cafe fare with a healthy twist.  I would love to go back for lunch. It is also a grocer.  I have since ordered a couple of health food supplements from them - the service has been very friendly and helpful.

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