Sunday, December 12, 2010

Mooii, Rotterdam by Bureaucrat

Going to Mooii for dinner takes the prize as the worst dining experience that we ever have had.

Ironically, "Mooii" translates to something like lovely/nice/beautiful. A term which I suggest that the waiters look up in the dictionary themselves.

What started of as a promising dining experience slowly, yet quickly, turned sour. We demanded the bill after we had the entrees.

Tasteful modern decor with nice luxurious touches. At this point the service was friendly and attentive.

Where we were seated, we could see right into the kitchen.

When we arrived quite early for dinner, there was only one other couple already seated. I opted for a 2 course deal in which the chefs had complete discretion to serve up whatever they fancied. While the Lawyer ordered off the a la carte menu.

After a 20-25 minute wait our entrees arrived. Mooi is of the 'big plate, small food' school. The (only) good point was that the seafood was very fresh. The bad side was that this took almost half an hour to arrive and was so small that there were hardly enough for one to savour the tastes.

Entree - shrimp, scallop and crab.

How or why it would take 3 chefs to take 20-25 minutes to prepare this amount of food (which both entrees shared similar ingredients and preparation) is beyond me - especially when there was only one other table with diners.

Entree - shrimp and scallop. Soy sauce served in a pipette. Shrimp in a jar.

The night started to rapidly go downhill when we waited another 25 minutes and our mains had yet to arrive. We politely chased our waiter who promised that our food would arrive in "two minutes". I knew that was a lie but gave him the benefit of the doubt. Five minutes passed and we demanded for the bill. The waiter then had the nerve to question whether we had really waited so long for our meal.

We left hungry and very angry.

While the food was skillfully prepared the incredibly poor and slow service, not forgetting the hefty price tag, for a high-end restaurant means that I'll never return.

Oost-wijnstraat 8-16
Telephone: 010 4112295

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