Saturday, December 25, 2010

London Review Cake Shop, England by Bureaucrat

Tucked away in a little courtyard is the London Review Bookshop - a cosy bookshop that has an even cosier cafe, the London Review Cake Shop, within it.

According to its website, the cafe is managed by an Australian. That probably explains why I like the food so much here. It's the typical (but in a good way) cafe fare that's so abundant back home but so incredibly rare in the Motherland.

Sitting in here in the warm cafe, with the quiet hum of conversation and comforting sounds from the kitchen makes me forget that I'm in the centre of London.

Seating only about 15 people in total, the little cafe serves a pretty selection of cakes and pastries - many of which cater to people with food intolerances (gluten, nut, dairy, egg free, etc).

There is a small but changing selection of light meals. Homemade quiches, artisanal breads, tempting sandwiches (proper sandwiches here - none of them hideous pre-made 'fresh' triangular sandwiches befouls this place), organic soups.

Feeling carb-conscious, Mr M ordered an egg, sundried tomato and cress sandwich on a gluten-free walnut bread for lunch. Mr M liked it and said afterwards he didn't feel bloated.

I went for the mushroom quiche which came with two salads - fresh baby spinach leaves and a bulgar salad with kidney beans, cannelini beans. Normally I can't stand legumes but I ate most of them. The quiche was just right - eggy and mushroomy.

Another time I went, I had a delectable organic mushroom soup which was served with buttered crumpets topped with goats cheese.

Love this place, the food and the vibe. Not at all like the Gloria Jeans that you find within Borders. I just wish there were more places like this. I've yet to try the coffee but it smells really good.

London Review Cake Shop
14 Bury Place
London WC1A 2JL
Telephone: 020 7269 9045

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