Friday, December 24, 2010

Chinny's Broodjeszaak, Rotterdam by Bureaucrat

Having lunch at Chinny's Broodjeszaak, a Surinamese cafe, in central Rotterdam has been the most intriguing meal that I've had this year.

I had no idea where Suriname was, except thinking that it was somewhere in Asia or Africa.

But a google search told me that I was completely wrong - Suriname is a country in the northern part of South America. The only thing I got right was that Suriname used to be a Dutch colony.

The Lawyer ordered Soto Soep. Thinking it was just a bowl of soup, it came with a small serve of rice. It was a mildly spicy chicken soup with shredded chicken, an egg, onions and beanshoots. We weren't quite sure whether you ate the rice as a side dish, or whether you were meant to put all the rice into the soup. Either way, the Lawyer liked it. I liked it too.

I ordered the Roti met Lamsvlees - a lamb curry on rice. The curry tasted like a yellow curry with potatoes. It came with cabbage, green beans and a boiled egg. Tasty and filling. It came with something that looked and tasted very much like kecap manis and chilli sauce.

I'm not very clued up on Dutch colonial history, but from what we had, Surinamese tasted very much like Indonesian cuisine. I'm sure somewhere along the line the Dutch colonialist would have spread the different food and cultures across their colonies.

A casual place that serves a range of snacks and hot meals. Simple, tasty, homestyle cooking - there were too many new things to try! The menu is in Dutch, but the staff are happy to translate. I'd definitely go back if I'm in Rotterdam in the future.

Chinny's Broodjeszaak
Hoogstraat 160
3011 PV
Telephone: 010 2134850

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