Sunday, December 19, 2010

Maedaya, Richmond by Big Fil

My first suggestion for Saturday night dinner was shot down in flames. Second choice was Maedaya, a Sake and Grill bar located on Bridge Road, Richmond.

Maedaya is apparently modelled on a Japanese Izakaya, somewhere to go for a combination of drinks and small servings of food. Now I've never been to an Izakaya before but after our visit I think I'm starting to get the hang of it.

The first step is to have a few cocktails while waiting for Snooze, who got caught in the traffic from the Melbourne Victory versus Melbourne heat soccer match or the Bon Jovi concert.

Second step is to munch on the complementary Edamame (young soy beans) while making up our minds whether to order or continue waiting.

The third step is to order a stack of mains timed to arrive just at the same time as the rest of the diners. Fourth and final step, enjoy the food and drink and have a good time. And there you have it. Simple really. As to the food most of what we tried was very good. It was a pretty even split between the dishes of the night, the soda noodles or the sizzling scallops. We went for two different noodle dishes, the cold soba salad and the Kaisen Yakisoba, fried noodles with seafood. Both were good with the sesame seed coated soba salad probably the more popular.

The other choice for dish of the night was the sizzling Hotate and Shimeji Itame - scallops and mushrooms. These were my favourites. Because I didn't get them straight after coming out the scallops had slightly overcooked and didn't quite have their firm texture, but the taste was delicious and given a real kick by the addition of a little pepper.

Photo 50

Most of the other dishes we ordered were also very tasty. The Buta Nokakuni (pork belly in sweet ginger soya sauce) was melt in the mouth tender, the Goyoza nicely meaty and not over or under fried. I liked the Kuwari Tuna Sashimi although Ruby Grapefruit wasn't such a fan, with the tuna being lightly cooked on one side rather than raw all the way through.

Also good were the skewer sets that we ordered, the Maedaya Tsukane Set and the Maedaya Sumiyaki Set. The only one which I tried and didn't particularly like was the bacon and cheese skewer, a flavour combination that just didn't seem to quite work.

A couple of dishes didn't live up to expectations. The salt and pepper squid was a little chewy, and I found the Takoyaki served in a cheesystyle of sauce a bit too soft and lacking in texture.

It was marginal but we had just enough room for dessert. And really good desserts they were too. Despite the general disdain for all things soy around the table Snooze went for the soya panne cotta. This was deliciously creamy and delicately flavoured (and agreed to as delicious by allthe doubters), as well as being appropriately wobbly. The green tea and sesame ice creams were also very good and surprisingly unsweet (if that's actually a word).

Good food, good service, good prices in an interesting and friendly place. We all really enjoyed our visit and would happily return.

Food - 8
Ambience - 8
Service - 8
Price - 8

400 Bridge Road
Richmond VIC 3121
Tel: (03) 9428 3918

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