Saturday, December 18, 2010

Kade 4, Rotterdam by Bureaucrat

After storming out of the craptacular dining experience at Mooii, we walked a short distance to a group of restaurants.

After inspecting the menus, we decided on Kade 4 (Quay 4) - and what a good choice it was. Without much ado, we ordered drinks, an entree to share and our mains.

Entree was bitterballen - delightful round nibbles. Deep fried potato that has a lovely crunchy outer with a gooey inner. The inside is mash potatoes with some mince beef. Very morish and definitely goes well with a drink or two.

The Lawyer ordered the red fish with lobster sauce. He really liked it. The fish was served with this ratatouille-like side veg that had capsicum, zuchinni, onions and a few other vegs sans the tomato-based sauce.

I had the sole with tarragon butter. Lightly pan fried and a good size serve. As with the red fish, it was also servied with the tatouille-ish veg.

The dishes also came with some proper side dishes - a fresh green salad and round pomme frites. Yum.

K4 is a nice pub that does a pretty good meal. Prompt and friendly service, good food and drinks - what more do you need? I'd imagine that in summer this place, with its location by the docks, would be quite popular.

Kade 4
Spaansekade 4
3011 Rotterdam
Telephone: 010 270 9001

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