Monday, January 26, 2015

Souperman, Melbourne CBD by Bureaucrat

With its bank of black soup cauldrons, Souperman in the QV shopping centre food court seemed like the perfect place for a quick, healthy and filling lunch.  Mr P has soup from there and thought it was pretty good.  So one day, I joined him and got soup.

There is about six or types of soups to choose from.  I went with the avgolemono - a lemony, chicken Greek soup.  I've come across in recipe books but I've never had it before.  It's meant to be a soothing, homely soup, made with lemon juice, chicken broth, egg and rice - kinda like the Greek version of the Jewish chicken matzo ball soup.

Apart from knowing what the soup is made of, I have no idea what an authentic avgolemono soup is meant to taste like.  However, I'm fairly sure it wasn't meant to taste like Chinese congee.  It really did taste 'Chinese' - it tasted like and had the consistency of chicken congee (especially the rice, which had almost disintegrated and the soup was a bit watery in texture) that you would buy from any Chinese restaurant.  The only thing that made it not like a typical congee was the presence of the lemony tang among the strands of chicken and cracked black peppercorns.  Also, I'm not sure if there was any egg in the soup.  It came with a slice of day-oldish bread.

Verdict: we wouldn't return.

I like the idea of a place that sells a range of soup - it's a great for the times you want a healthy lunch. While the price is relatively cheap, I'm not sure I'd got back there again.

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