Saturday, January 3, 2015

Grand Noodle, Camberwell by Bureaucrat

Located inside the same small shopping centre as Kenji in Camberwell (off Toorak Road), Grand Noodle was Beaker's recommendation for our early dinner takeaway provider. With Bubba Chuck in tow, we placed our order for a trio of dishes.

Bubba Chuck went for her standard order - the seafood curry laksa ($11.30).  I didn't get to try this but this is her favourite dish at Grand Noodle.  From what I could see, it was loaded with lots of vegetables and an okay amount of seafood (calamari, seafood sticks... ew, small prawns).

Beaker and I shared two dishes.  Beaker chose nasi goreng ($11.60).  While it was plentiful, the rice was lacking wok hei - the rice was a bit claggy and clumped together.

I chose the fried keuh teow ($10.6).  Similarly generous in serve but the noodles were also lacking wok hei and the flat rice noodles were over-cooked and soggy in texture.  

Verdict: we wouldn't return.

I know that Grand Noodle is a 'go to' takeaway place for Beaker.  Certainly it's cheap and generous and it's definitely much healthier than your average Asian takeaway shop (what with the plentiful veggies, no MSG and un-oiliness of the dishes).  However, for me, I wasn't too impressed.  I don't have anything against this place (especially since it is a nice ma and pa shop) but the way the food is cooked isn't quite to my preferences.  

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