Monday, June 23, 2014

Ripponlea Food and Wine, Ripponlea by Big Fil

What is it with Ripponlea?  Once very much a dead spot in the culinary scene, it now has no less than four classy cafes for brunch, an excellent bakery and of course one of the best restaurants in the world in Attica.  That’s the places I’ve noticed anyway, dazzled by this abundance of riches I am sure there are other places that I’ve missed.

Prior to this visit I hadn’t even heard of Ripponlea Food and Wine.  We were actually tossing up between visiting two other cafes, but there was something about it we just couldn’t ignore.  In addition to looking great from the outside, they had us at ‘goats cheese soufflé’. Anyway when we entered the place was surprisingly almost empty compared to the roaring business its neighbours were doing.  Slightly ominous but staff were friendly and enthusiastic and we were soon sitting at our window seat.

The menu had a few interesting options but both Snooze and myself were eyeing off the soufflé.  Being the gentleman that I am I decided to let Snooze order it, knowing that I would get a taste anyway.  For some reason I was also fixated on the ham and cheese jaffle.  Knowing that it wouldn’t be enough to fill me up but not wanting to commit to too large a breakfast meant that I also decided to order the breakfast tortilla wrap.

When Snooze’s soufflé arrived I think we were both taken a little aback.  Both of us had expected the soufflé to be served in a high sided dish.  Instead it was almost like pikelets in size and shape.  Taste and texture wise though these were yummy, warm and fluffy, creamy in texture and delicate in flavour.  Combined with fresh mashed avocado, earthy mushrooms and quality bread (courtesy of Firebrand Sourdough around the corner) they were a winner which both of us enjoyed.

Fortunately the jaffle and wrap were both good enough that I was not left feeling at all jealous.  The jaffle was perfectly cooked, the filling delicious.  I am not always the biggest fan of breakfast wraps but this was bursting was flavour, tasty and satisfying, even if I did end up with a little trickle from the salsa running down my arm.

The cakes at the counter looked good but were unfortunately a bit beyond us this day.  While it’s a bit of a distance to walk from home, I expect that I’ll be back to try more of the breakfast menu, just to confirm that the other offerings are as good, and that the friendly efficient service is how it is everyday and not just on this visit.

Very nice food, excellent service and a very cute outfit including the nice touch of blankets for the outside tables, Ripponlea Food and Wine was one of our most enjoyable brunches since we started the blog.  Haven’t yet tried for lunch or dinner but hopefully they are just as good, making it a great addition to an increasingly competitive strip.

Food – 8.5
Service – 8.5
Ambience – 8.5
Price – 7.5

15 Glen Eira Rd
Ripponlea VIC 3185
Tel: (03) 8804 1313

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