Wednesday, June 25, 2014

2Pocket Fairtrade Espresso Bar, Melbourne CBD by Bureaucrat

With a tip from an unlikely source, Mr C, I wandered down to 2Pocket to check out its coffee and tea.  As an occasional coffee drinker, Mr C quite likes 2Pocket as it’s nearby to work and has a nice atmosphere to chillax.

Indeed, the place has a warm and mellow atmosphere to it – the quiet clink of hot beverages being made; friendly, hipster staff to recommend a drink to you; the hushed hum of conversation from the students and office workers enjoying their aromatic brew.  While 2Pocket is located at the street level, the actual cafĂ© is sunken, which gives the feeling that you’re bunkering down and cocooned from the world.  Time slows down.

Based on the recommendations of the staff, I got myself a soy chai latte.  Properly brewed with tea leaves and strong in punchy aromatics, the chai was sweetened with a hint of local honey.

Drinks – 8.5
Ambiance – 7
Service – 8
Price – 7.5

A lovely spot this is.  I’d definitely go back for more chai and I also want to try out their coffees.  I also love browsing their range of chocolates and Fairtrade and/or organic knick knacks (from soft furnishings, toys to make up).

2Pocket Fairtrade Espresso Bar
277 Lt Lonsdale St
Melbourne 3000

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