Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Real Food For You, Melbourne CBD by Bureaucrat

Real Food For You is what it is - it's real food and it's for you.  Located next to the Endeavour Natural College of Medicine, RFFY is a tiny little shop that sells coffee and a small range of hot dishes, wraps and salads with a hippy ethos.  I love this little shop as the food is real and it's pretty tasty and quite competitively priced.

There's not much room inside - just a few stools near the window, which is why I always get the food as takeaway.  The staff are super friendly and they're grooving to the funky music.

While I can't remember the names of the following dishes, they're all tasty.  Each day, there's three or four hot dishes - a meat curry, a veg curry and a soup or two.  Each time, I picked the meat curry.  Big tender chunks of real meat (I've had beef, lamb and chicken) with lots of seasonal veggies to make it a balanced, healthy meal.

As they use proper herbs and spices, they curries are flavoursome.  And pleasingly, none of them have been loaded with chillies.  These are the small size for $9.  It comes with a poppadum and chutney (optional); and the basmati rice is fluffy.

So far, this curry is my favourite - a creamy chicken curry made with cashews.  The sauce is unctuous, the chicken is falling to bits and so warming on a cold day.  

This is the large serving size of the veggie curry, which Beaker ordered one day with me.

Food - 8.5
Service – 7.5
Ambiance - 7
Prices – 9

A cute little place that does pretty yummy food.  RFFY is a keeper - healthy, filling and tasty meals for less than a tenner.  I much prefer RFFY than the many places that serve cheap and cheerful curries.  I never feel bloated after eating from RFFY, and I really like the fact that you can see all the ingredients and can tell that it's fresh.

Real Food For You
368 Elizabeth St
Melbourne 3000

Telephone: 9662 4856

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Anonymous said...

it sounds good in the cold and wet days!

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