Friday, May 23, 2014

Lady Grange, St Kilda (by invitation) by Bureaucrat

Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of making an acquaintance with Lady Grange at its official launch event.

While you should never ask a lady her age, Lady Grange only a few weeks old.  Located in the hub of the Esplanade, Lady Grange is a new restaurant featuring a modern Australian menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  

We were welcomed by owner, Jay, and his father, and were offered to try out one of their cocktails, a Zombie, which was made from their Tiki style bar.  Upstairs is the function area, which has impressive views to Port Phillip Bay.


Downstairs is the main restaurant area, where the piece de resistance for the night was the ice sculpture which had many fresh, sweet oysters awaiting us. 

The bar downstairs

Throughout the night, we had the opportunity to try many of the drinks and dishes on offer at Lady Grange, including...

...sliders... hot dogs...

...a range of wood-fired pizzas, which included chicken, fig and rocket...

...Middle-eastern style lamb pizza.  Both pizzas had the thinnest, fluffiest base and a nice amount of toppings on top.

...these amazingly creamy and perfectly salty crispbreads w  seafood, pansy and roe...

...these moreish seared tuna w mayo and sesame seeds on a crispy cracker.

There were also other dishes, including, the freshest sushi and duck rice paper rolls.

Food – 8.5*
Service – 7*
Ambiance – 7
Price – 7*
*Scores are notional as we were guests of Lady Grange and this was a launch event.

The food is very fresh and Jay told me that, wherever possible, they only use local suppliers and produce.  Next time you’re in St Kilda, go meet Lady Grange and see what she has on offer for you.

Lady Grange
1 Fitzroy Street
St Kilda 3812
Telephone: 9534 3056

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Anonymous said...

The foods look very tempting !
I must meet Lady grange !!

Unknown said...

totally agree with anonymous - can't wait to meet Lady Grange! the sliders look awesome

Anonymous said...

Went today awesome food and best view in Melbourne!

Bureaucrat said...

Glad u liked it too, Anon :)

Anonymous said...

place is a joke. no vibe. staff cannot even make a simple cocktail.

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