Sunday, May 18, 2014

Anju, Melbourne CBD by Big Fil

Being based in the city you sometimes come across interesting new places that have suddenly opened right under your nose. One that we have made numerous recent visits to is the Korean fusion restaurant Anju.

While Anju is open for dinner being just around the corner has meant it has become a prime place for lunchtime gatherings. When you enter it looks oh so very cool and modern and I particularly like the reproductions of Korean releases of classic films on the walls - if only they had the originals. The home style food decorations by the front table are also nice, dried fish and sheaves of rice (I think) which we just had to go and touch. Tables are funky but surprisingly comfortable, and as usual it’s always fun where the kitchen is visible just behind the counter/bar and you can watch your food being prepared.

The luncheon menu is fairly short but should include at least one dish to most everyone’s taste – an interesting bibimbap served cold rather than the normal hot version, barbeque ribs served in a bowl with lettuce and rice, a mix of sliders (like miniature burgers) and full sized burgers.

One of the more interesting options include a Korean army style stew served in a metal army style canteen. Open up the canteen and remove a tray loaded with purple rice and covered by a fried egg, underneath you’ll find a soup full of noodles. This dish always looks good and something I’ve meant to try, Chewy swears by it.

The beef ribs are probably the most common main dish for me to order. The ribs are the combination of firm and tender texture you often get with Korean style barbequed meets. A good sized serve for lunch at a reasonable price, they are served quite sweet for a meat dish.

Our second most common dish would be burgers and sliders. A particular favourite is the soft-shell crab burger, an interesting mix of bun, crunchy crab and creamy dressing with just a touch of heat. As with the ribs the beef bolgogi used in the burger is just a touch sweet, and while I haven’t tried the spicy pork burger colleagues who have commented confirmed that it certainly is spicy.

Friendly and cute staff, nice setup and good food at a reasonable price, Anju has rapidly become the preferred location for work lunches. Getting in may be a slight problem without a booking as patronage is a little erratic, there have been times it was almost empty, others where we were lucky to get a seat.

Food – 8.5
Service – 7.5
Ambience – 8
Price – 7
18 Little Latrobe Street
Melbourne VIC 3000
Tel: (03) 9662 4568

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