Sunday, August 4, 2013

Orange Bean, Belconnen (ACT) by Bureaucrat

In my last few trips to Canberra, I have been pleasantly surprised by the promising improvement in its foodie scene.  More contemporary decor and, more importantly, the quality and range of food on offer, has meant that Canberra is starting to develop its foodie credentials.

So when a few weeks ago, I happened to find myself in the nation's capital again, I was looking forward to what foodie experience I'd get.

Unfortunately, on this particular day, it was raining.  With no umbrella, I was limited to getting sustenance from the cafes near my office in Belco.

The closest and not-dodgy-sounding place was the Orange Bean cafe. Inside, it's a nice-enough set-up with lots of chairs and an attempt to get some ambiance with chocolate coloured walls and lighting.

Foodwise, it was promising.  The chalkboard had lots of made-to-order salads and hamburgers, some reasonably looking ready-made baguettes and freshly squeezed juices.  The prices were on the slightly higher side for a cafe ($12-$18).  This pricing wouldn't be unusual if you were in Syd or Melb and you were eating a proper cafe.  However, it seemed a bit high for just a cafe that's located inside an office building.

Feeling brave, I went for the warm duck salad w ginger lime dressing, fetta and orange as a takeaway item.  Who knows, this could be tasty.  It took about 15 minutes for my salad to come out.  When it was, I was slightly alarmed that the box felt really light...not a good sign.

I went back to work and opened the box.  And sigh.  The salad was so typical of so-called 'cafes' in Canberra. Limp salad leaves (including some that were dead and all slimy) that you can tell that it's come straight from a not-so-fresh packet from the shops.  Over-cooked, dry, shredded duck meat that's been reheated in the microwave.  Some bits of fetta and segments of orange.  And no ginger or lime dressing present.  How could this have taken 15 mins to prepare? And would you pay $16 for this?  I'm definitely not paying that again here. If this had been a nice piece of freshly cooked duck breast or leg, I could understand the price and the time taken to prepare it.  But it wasn't.

I would have been better off going to Coles or Woolies and buying a $3 pack of salad and $5 quarter of chicken for my lunch. The salad would have been fresher and the chicken more juicy.

Food - 5
Ambience - 7
Service - 6.5
Price - 5

Orange Bean Cafe
5 Chan Street
Belconnen, ACT 2617

Telephone: 02 6251 2270

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