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Bowery to Williamsburg, Melbourne CBD by Bureaucrat

When it comes to trying out places to eat, I'm not known for checking out the latest/hippest/most popular places around town. Just because people jump off a cliff (or eat a restaurant/cafe) doesn't mean that I should too. If you ask me what are the latest/hippest/most popular places around, I wouldn't really have a clue.  Sure, I recognise some of the names, but like most B-grade (and below) celebrities, who really has time to keep track of them all?

Bowery to Williamsburg - where hipsters and corporate types eat side-by-side.

A new eatery that's popped up in tow is Bowery to Williamsburg.  I've heard about it.  I've read about it, and I know it serves New York deli-style food and that it's been getting some positive reviews.  Left to my own, I'd probably wouldn't get around to eating at this place until a year's time.

However, one lunchtime, Ms H, who's a hip young thing, steered me into BtW.

Arriving around 12.30pm, there was already a queue going, and the waiters were taking names. Fortunately, it was only a 5-10 minute wait for us, and we were escorted down into the eatery to two places at the communal table.

First impression inside is that it's definitely got a happening buzz in the air.  Hipsters abound, chatter, deli foods and the clatter of coffee cups.  It's a bit squishy but it adds to the charm... almost what you'd expect of a NY deli.  As this isn't quite the place to take a leisurely lunch, we placed our orders quickly.

Ms H got the lox bagel which has beetroot horseradish, dill cream, cheese schmear, limed onion and watercress. She had this before and loved it so much to order it again.  Ms H loved the authenticness of the bagel and fillings.

I debated whether to get the Reuben sandwich or this - the hot smoked salmon w caviar cream cheese schmear, heirloom toms, fried capers and radish.  This was a pretty tasty sanger - well worth my breaking my no-wheat rule!  I especially loved the salmon - so full of rich, salmon flavour that was flakey, juicy and tender (not chewy like some inferior stuff), and it wasn't overly salty (ditto, like some inferior stuff). There was a reasonable amount salmon.  While I'm not normally a fan of capers (I don't get what's so special about them), I really liked the fried capers which made them taste much better than usual.  I liked that it was crunchy and it had lessened that briny flavour.

Food - 8.5
Ambiance - 8
Service - 8
Price - 7

When we were paying our bill, we had a nice chat with all the friendly staff behind the counter. They're definitely passionate about the food they serve here.  I could tell by how they told us how they prepared the different ingredients.

While the serving size is on the smaller end, each sandwich/bagel is perfectly in proportion (a nice filling to bread ratio).  And what you're getting here is quality ingredients.

Based on my first visit, I really liked the food here.  I'd definitely be back for the Reuben, beef salami, and the meatballs.... I can't wait!

Bowery to Williamsburg
16 Oliver Lane
Melbourne 3000
Telephone: 9077 0162

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