Friday, August 9, 2013

Can Tho, Belconnen (ACT) by Bureaucrat

Given my rather crappy lunch from Orange Bean Cafe, I was ravenous by dinnertime.

Taking a recommendation by Mr M to have dinner at Can Tho, a Vietnamese restaurant that he liked.

Arriving a bit before 6pm, there were already a few tables with diners already.  First impression, was that this was better than expected (I have very low expectations of Canberra).  Can Tho was clean, spacious and had a nice homely-friendly feel (family run, I suspect) to the place.  This was emphasised by the very friendly and hospitable staff there.

Feeling hungry, I ordered a serve of pork and prawn rice paper rolls to get things started.  The rolls were pretty good, moderate sized prawns and the pork was nicely seasoned and juicy (so many places, including ones in Melbourne, make the pork really bland and/or dry).  I liked the long sprig or two of spring onion and garlic chives.

Onto the mains, was a tasty lemongrass chicken ribs w rice and nuoc cham.  I wolfed this down.  I loved how the ribs were cut up into nice sized chunks, with a crispy batter (extra nice because of the sesame seeds).  The meat was juicy.  The only neg that I have about it was that there was a smidge of MSG.  It would have been more tasty without the falsey flavours.

Food - 7.5
Ambience - 7
Service - 7.5
Price - 8

I'm liking Can Tho.  I'd definitely come back the next time I'm in Can'bra.  I'd be most interested in trying a few more dishes.  The dishes are reasonably priced for Can'bra.

By the time I left (a bit before 7pm) the place had filled up to about 3/4 quarters full - pretty impressive for an unassuming eatery on a cold wintry mid-weeknight.

Can Tho
Unit 1, 38 Weedon Close
Belconnen ACT 2617

Telephone: 02 6251 3682

Can Tho on Urbanspoon

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