Thursday, August 8, 2013

CJ's Lunch Bar, Melbourne CBD by Bureaucrat

For a quick lunch, Big Fil suggested that we go to CJ's Lunch Bar.  I've often walked past CJ's while going to other eateries.  It's always seems to be popular with a lot of hungry uni students and office workers.

On this day, we were lucky to find a spot inside, since the place was full up outside (and it was a very cold day!) and inside it was 99.98% full.  Big Fil advises that if you aren’t there before 12.30pm prepare for either takeaway or to wait (and there were alot of people getting food to go and waiting for a table).

CJ's is a friendly cheap eats sort of place.  Inside, tables are squished up together and you kinda have to inch your way past other diners to get to your table and to place your order.

Big Fil has been to CJ's a few times before.  While I know he really wanted to order CJ's special - a big sizzling hot plate of spicy chicken topped with lots of melted cheese. I saw a few of these came out, and boy, it looks like a heart attack on a plate!  As I'm not into chilli and that I was trying be healthy, I told Big Fil that I wouldn't help him eat it if he ordered it.

Instead, Big Fil got beef bulgogi w a side of rice.  He thought the beef was a bit chewy (like most bulgogis) but found this version to be lacking in beefy flavours.

The bulgogi come with some banchan (side dishes).

I went for the chicken bibimbap.  Without thinking, I mixed up everything in the stone bowl before realising that they added chilli sauce for you.  Consequently, it was too spicy for me.  I struggled to finish it, and even had to get a soft drink to try and quench the fire on my tastebuds.  From what I could taste, the bibimbap was average in flavour and quality.  But there was a pretty good amount of rice, chicken and the assorted vegs.

Plus, it came with a bowl of miso soup.

Food - 6.5
Ambience - 6
Service - 6.5
Price - 8

It's cheap, it's quick and it's generous - I can see why it's popular.  However, it's not quite for me. I'd rate CJ's better than Don Don's but not as good as G2's lunch time offerings.

CJ's Lunch Bar
Shop 2, 391 Little Lonsdale Street
Telephone: 9602 1155

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