Saturday, January 5, 2013

Chillipadi Mamak Kopitiam, Docklands by Bureaucrat

After another trip to CostCo, we decided to do something different than eating its big ass takeaway pizzas for lunch.

Instead, we wandered over to nearby Star Circus Harbour and found ourselves at Chillipadi Mamak Kopitiam.

I went for the pad thai.  A reasonable serve of noodles with fairly generous amounts of  tasteless, frozen seafood.  I liked the fact that the beanshoots were fresh and uncooked. The dish was good and unoffensive.  Although, I did miss the wedge of lemon that usually accompanies this dish.

Beaker got the mamak curry deal - rice with two types of curries and veggies.  Beaker chose the butter chicken and the assam (fish) curry.  While the butter chicken tasted nice, Beaker wasn't impressed with the fact that the rice, curries and veg were lukewarm.  Clearly, the bain marie wasn't keeping these dishes hot enough.

The Lawyer went for the char kway teow.  This tasted kinda like the pad thai, except that it had more soy sauce.  And like the pad thai, it was a reasonable sized serve with good amount of seafood.

Despite our so-so dishes, there was one dish that made us feel more than a bit of food envy - Bubba Chuck's curry laksa.  Never before had I seen her enjoy her meal so much!  As usual, Bubba Chuck was in so much of a hurry to start eating that I could hardly take a photo.  The laksa had plenty of noodles, and lots of chicken, fish slices and fried tofu.

Extra propz to the friendly staff who were more than obliging to re-calculate our bill twice over as we ummed and arred about our choices and then, belatedly remembering that we had an voucher from the Entertainment Book.

Foodwise it was okay, albeit the quality was a bit mixed.  Based on our experience, it's best to avoid the bain marie dishes, and go for the made to order dishes - especially the laksa, it seems!

Food – 6
Service – 7
Ambience – 7
Price – 7

Chillipadi Mamak Kopitiam
Star Circus Harbour Town Shopping Centre 
Docklands 3008
Phone: 9670 2288

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