Sunday, January 27, 2013

An Vy, Chadstone by Bureaucrat

Trying a new restaurant is always a gamble. Sometimes it's good, sometimes it's great and sometimes it's disappointing and you wonder why you didn't stick with a tried and true place.

So when we opted for An Vy, well, we ended up being rather envious of the diners at Let's Bab (see my post back in Sept 2012, which is a few doors down from An Vy.

On the outside, we were intrigued with the $12 lunch deal - an entree, main and a soft drink. Inside, it's like your typical cheap eat place, but one of the cleaner ones - mirrors to make the place look bigger, simple tables and chairs. We all opted for the $12 deal.

For the three big peoples we all went for the spring rolls as our entree. This came out on one plate. Despite that we each ordered different spring rolls (veggie, pork and something else), they all kinda tasted the same. There wasn't much filling inside of them, and it didn't look like they were cooked with fresh batch of oil.

For Bubba Chuck, she got a serve of prawn and pork rice paper rolls. She seemed to like them enough.

I got the lemongrass pork w vermicelli. This was definitely not was served. Firstly, I was alarmed at the rather oily look of the pork. Thinking back, and to be fair, I don't think the menu said it was grilled pork. Assuming that it didn't say grilled pork, it was way more oilier than I would have expected. Secondly, lemongrass it ain't. It was chilli and not any hint of lemongrass. It was way too much chilli for me to handle that I had to swap my meal with Beaker. Also, the shredded lettuce and mint looked somewhat tired and soggy.

Beaker got the pork w vermicelli. Although this was less oily than my lemongrass pork it was still oily. I also had the same concerns about the lettuce and mint.

The Lawyer got the beef and tripe pho. The Lawyer thought this was okay and to use his favourite (and apt) description of meals of this sort of quality, he gives it a "solid 6.5". Not outright crap but quite meh.

A rather average place.  Beaker and I didn't finish our meals because it wasn't good food... I definitely felt that the $12 was overpriced for what was served.... I wish I could request a refund for my money.  To borrow another phrase, if we could turn back time, we should have went to Let's Bab for lunch.

Food – 5.5
Ambience – 6.5
Service – 6.5
Price – 6

An Vy
647 Warrigal Road Chadstone
Telephone: 9563 2880

An Vy on Urbanspoon

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grossir said...

superbe, ├ža donne vraiment faim !

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