Sunday, April 10, 2011

Royal Teas, England by Bureaucrat

Tucked away behind the main area of Greenwich, is the cosy and delightful Royal Teas. A tiny tea, coffee and cake shop - the perfect place to hideaway from the world to enjoy some tea, coffee and cakes.

Inside is tiny and homely...a very comfortable place during winter! I've been here a few times, and I willing put my gluten-free diet on hold each time.

For arvo tea one time, Ms G ordered the cream tea, which comes with finger sandwiches, scone, a slice of cake of your choice, and tea.

The smoked salmon, cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches look absolutely delish. Ms G certainly thought so.

The fruit scone comes with jam and clotted cream.

For the cake, Ms G chose the coconut cake, which was very moist. The cream tea is quite a decent affair, and Ms G struggled to finish the cake.

On this occassion, I had the coffee and walnut cake. The cake was moist and had a good coffee flavour...yum!

I also had the strawberry and kiwi tea. A very strong flavour of real fruit, and it had a gorgeous colour (the tea got deeper in colour later). Another time I had the orange and passionfruit. I especially like the teas here as they are of a very high quality and loose leaf.

RT is small, just a few tables. As it's quite popular, you may need to share a table with strangers (the biggest tables only seat 4 people).

Every time I go, I have the tea and cake. However, RT also serve all day vegetarian breakfasts and lunch. From what I've spied from other diners, they look very delicious.

The tea and coffee are available for purchase. I can highly recommend the fruit based teas.

To walk off your indulgent morning/arvo tea or lunch, there's a few quaint shops around - a cheese shop, fishmonger, organic grocer, and a few pubs.

I love this place - make the effort to get out Greenwich to try this place!

Royal Teas
76 Royal Hill
Greenwich SE10 8
Telephone: 0871 075 7243

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