Thursday, April 7, 2011

Henderson's @ St John's, Edinburgh by Bureaucrat

On our last day in Edinburgh, we had lunch at Hendersons @ St John's - a vegetarian cafe located inside St John's church in the city.  Hendersons @ St John's is an outpost of the Hendersons' restaurant and bistro - both which are renowned veggie eateries.

Hendersons @ St John's is a small cafe that's arranged in a canteen style. A small selection of veggie meals, cakes and coffee. Seating is either inside the cavernous basement(?) of the church, or outside.

The Lawyer and I both shared two bowls of soup. The first one was beetroot and carrot. Very healthy and had a thick consistency. I'm sure this soup did all sorts of wonderful nutritional things to my system. The soup had a slightly earthy-salty flavour, which you tend to find in beetroot (well, at least to me). The croutons were delightfully crunchy.

The second soup was broccoli and pea. This was a smoother soup, and was the favourite. A great way to get your veg in - especially since I'm not that keen on broccoli or peas. Both soups were served with a generous slice of homemade bread.

A nice place for a small meal or pick-me-up. If you can get over the fact that you're dining among lots of dead bodies,  Hendersons @ St John's is actually quite a nice place to linger (temporarily, that is...not for life).

On the day I went, service was a bit slow. The cafe was staffed by four waiters who seemed a bit frazzled. Supplies were running low and the staff were sort of working on a just-in-time operation (ie they had no time to restock simple things, like bringing out clean cutlery, napkins, etc).

Afterwards, you can stroll down to the adjacent Princes Street Garden to people watch, a gorgeous garden.

If I'm back in Edinburgh in the future, I'd definitely want to try the mothership that is Hendersons Restuarant.

Henderson's @ St John's
3 Lothian Road

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Anonymous said...

as a regular customer to both st johns and the salad table i dont agree on the above points!yes at times the soups are a wee bit salty however the staff are usually very good and helpful.

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