Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Bibimbab Cafe, England by Bureaucrat

Ever since I became enamoured with the Korean actor, Shun Hyun June, I made a point to learn more about Korean cuisine.

Located within a stone's throw of the British Museum, it almost seems like an odd place for it to be. Despite its location, Bibimbab Cafe doesn't jack up the prices to relieve unwary tourists of their money.

I've been to BC a few times. It's a small, homely cafe, which is run by a very efficient Korean woman. Everything there is meticulous, efficient and clean.

On the day I went, I ordered the beef stew with rice. The stew came with a bowl of miso soup (which I didn't finish, because I'm not a fan of miso).

The stew had strips of slow-cooked beef. It was simply cooked in its own juices, but with the addition of some carrots and onions. Tasty, simple and homely.

Also,when I get a craving at work for Chapchae (noodles made from potato starch or mung bean flour), I know where to go in a jiffy. Flavoursome noodles, dressed in a mixture of soy, cooking wine and sesame oil. Lots of blanched veggies (spinach, beanshoots, carrots and zuchinni). My only other comment is that I wish they made a bigger serving size for chapchae - I love it too much.

What I particularly like about this place is that they make small quantities of the snacks (eg tempura-like prawns, slices of Korean pancakes and sushi). This means that you know it's fresh and the food hasn't been sitting around for the last couple of days.

BC doesn't offer the biggest range of dishes, but it serves reasonable, homestyle food at a (very) reasonable price. If you're in the area and craving a 'cheap eat' Korean place, then do try this out.

Bibimbab Cafe
7 Museum St
Camden Town WC1B
Telephone: 0207 404 888

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