Monday, April 4, 2011

Pompeii, Edinburgh by Bureaucrat

Arriving around 8.30pm back in Edinburgh (after a 12 hour bus tour to see Nessie), the Lawyer and I were definitely hungry. With grumbling tummies we did a quick lap around the closest eateries to determine where to have dinner.

We settled on Pompeii - an average Italian place. We wanted to else where, but the places we wanted to go were all full.

I ordered the pizza Napoletana. Nice pizza base, that puffed up. Good amount of anchovies and olives.

The Lawyer had the seafood marinara - good enough, but a bit slap dash in presentation.

And being a bit childish, we both ordered desserts. It's those typical premade manufactured (ie not homemade) desserts that you see on the menus of some restaurants. In this case, the Lawyer got the tartufo. Like the marinara, it was good enough, but kinda ugly presentation. I thought it looked like a frozen cocao powder bomb that had been hit by a plate.

I got the Peach Melba. Cheap vanilla icecream, tinned peaches and that artificial drizzle of 'strawberry' sauce. It was okay - I liked the novelty of ordering something that came in those curvy glasses rather than the dessert itself.

Pompeii is average. Not bad, but not great. It was an okay experience, but wouldn't be my first (or second) choice. I'd say the quality of the food would be the equivalent to an 'all you can eat' place. Having said that, the woman on the table next to us just kept telling everyone (waiters, us, other diners) how much she loved her ravioli. She was drunk, so that might have influenced her judgement.

62 Grassmarket
Old Town EH1 2
Telephone: (0131) 226 3706

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Anonymous said...

bureaucrat... i think Pompeii is a great restaurant, judging by the photos everything looks nice. Your descriptions don't really match the photos. What do you expect, gold served to you on a plate?

also, where did you want to go? Last time I checked all the places in the Grassmarket are "average" as you put it!!!!

Anonymous said...

Last weekend, my boyfriend and I had a beautiful meal in Pompeii. The restaurant was busy, however the service was still great and the food was delicious! I would definitely recommend it

Bureaucrat said...

Anonymous 1 - I wasn't expecting gold to be served on a plate (not at those prices, at least) but I was expecting to experience something that would be better than what I could cook for myself.

Anonymous 2 - I agree that the service is fairly good. It was a busy night when we went, and our waitress certainly got our table ready in a jiffy and was quite friendly.

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