Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Other Paw Bakery Cafe, Jasper (Canada) by Bureaucrat

With a full day of touristy things ahead of us, I needed a little something extra to make my next few hours on the tour bus more comfortable.  Taking a tip from our lovely tour guide I hoofed into The Other Bear Claw, a bakery opposite the Jasper train station.

As the name suggests, The Other Paw Bakery Café is the sibling shop of The Bear’s Claw Bakery, which is located a few minutes’ walk away.  I got the sense that while both shops are popular, the original bakery is considered a bit of an institution around the town. With a range of sweet baked goods and your typical bakery stuff (loaves of bread) TOPBC also sells hot drinks and light café meals and has a few seats in the shop for you to enjoy your goodies.  As I had been craving cinnamon buns, I got one of those for the road. 

This was pretty good – definitely better than the average cinnamon bun you’d get - but not perfect (I’m rather picky about my cinnamon buns).  A decent size, a reasonably yeasted and soft bread (but it could have been even more light and fluffy and less bready) that pulled apart nicely.  The brown sugar caramel was spot on – sweet, but not in a tooth hurting kind of way, and it had a nice buttery aroma and a gooeyness to it.  Inside, there were roasted chopped pecans.  It was topped with a light drizzle of icing sugar. 

Verdict - We liked it a lot.

A nice neighbourhood bakery that’s popular with the locals and tourists.  I wish I had more time there to try out a few more of the goodies and to also check out the original Bear Claw bakery.

The Other Paw Bakery Cafe
610 Connaught Dr 
Jasper AB T0E T0E
Telephone: (780) 852-2253

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