Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Old Kingdom, Surrey Hills by Obelix

Quanjude Peking Duck has always been top shelf, gold standard Peking duck for me (see Bureaucrat's review in Feb 2012).  But sometimes has lovely as it is, we can't always go top shelf (monetary restrictions apply, shucks).  So a good mid range-feed-a-horde Peking duck place would be Old Kingdom.

They do a Peking duck meal for $55 which includes one duck and a stack of accompanying pancakes, soup made with the duck carcass and noodles with duck meat.  We had a crowd of 16 people (10 adults and 6 kids).  We ordered three of the duck meals plus additional pancakes (each additional pancake is $0.50) and other dishes as shown below.  

It's a help yourself affair.  The duck is carved in front of you but you assemble your own pancake. The duck skin is not as delicate and crispy as the one at Quanjude but you are paying a lot less.  

The pancakes are more the eggy crepe variety versus the wheat based almost tortilla style ones encountered elsewhere.  I'm not a big fan of the eggy crepe variety as they are so thin, they tend to break through when you are wrapping.  Also they are not as filling.  

The duck soup is more like a consomme.  It was slightly spicy which I think is from the picked vegetables used in the broth.  It was lovely and clear.  Kiddo had three bowlfuls.

Stir fry noodles with duck meat and bean sprouts.  This was really yummy and the noodles were crispy.  

The additional dishes included lemongrass prawns.  They were well made and a decent size.

Clams in a blackbean spicy sauce.  I only had one clam as it was a bit overloaded with cornstarch and was claggy.

Loved this.  This is the spinach with garlic.  Nice big serving size.

Gong chicken.  This is chicken and prawn mince deep fried in a loaf shape.  What's not to love?

I love this - soft shell crab.  It tasted amazingly wonderful with an eggy batter as all deep fried soft shell crabs should.  I was a bit horrified when uploading these photos to notice the oil on it.  Oh well, it was yummy, even if it was very unhealthy.

Verdict - we really liked it.

Old Kingdom is a good family restaurant that does reasonably affordable Peking duck.

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