Sunday, November 23, 2014

Mount Fairview Dining Room, Alberta (Canada) by Bureaucrat

Before our walk around the glacial beauty of Lake Louise in the fading summer dusk, we had dinner in our hotel’s restaurant, the Mount Fairview Dining Room.  It’s a fancy restaurant with super friendly and attentive staff.  We eschewed entrees as we both wanted desserts. 

A nice warm basket of bread came out. 

I decided to go vegetarian/vegan and was quite impressed with the roulade.  The tender slivers of sliced roasted beetroot wrapped around the cashew and goat's cheese filling.  The earthiness and heftiness of the beetroot was a good simile to meat, while the protein from the cashew filling was thick and creamy and made the dish feel like a proper main dish (as opposed to just a plate of veg).  It was served with wild mushrooms, squash, baby eggplant and asparagus.

The Lawyer picked the dish that I wanted to try – wild caribou!  It was delicious.  Wild caribou medallions served with a yam and leek gratin a red current glaze. The caribou was tender and tasted like a cross between beef and deer.  The gratin was made up of thin slices of yam and leek, and it beautifully buttery and soft.  This is definitely worth a try.  Although, we did feel a wee guilty in eating the caribou since it’s quite an endangered species (due to the logging of the trees that have the lichen that they eat, which is their primary food source).

We were full but couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try desserts.  These were really good but just didn’t match the same excellence of the main dishes.

I picked the bumble berry pie based on its name – bumble berry.  How could I pass up the chance to try some that has such a cute name?  Bumble berry refers to a melange of berries.  A warm pie with buttery, flaky pastry, and it’s packed full of berries.  

It wasn’t too sweet and you could taste the berries.  It was served with a good quality vanilla ice cream.

We also go the peanut souffle w salted caramel and raspberry mascarpone.  This was quite good even though I’m not much of a peanut fan.  This tasted like a sophisticated version of a Reese Peanut Butter Cup.  

The souffle wasn't served warm.  Instead it resembled like a light-as-air cube of ice cream.  The roasted aroma of the peanuts really came through.  

After dinner, we took a much needed walk around the blue beauty that is Lake Louise.

Verdict – we really loved it.

A very enjoyable experience here.  The food was excellent (especially the mains) and the service was impeccable, knowledgeable and super friendly.

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