Monday, November 10, 2014

Coco's Cafe, Jasper (Canada) by Bureaucrat

I was really excited to stumble upon Coco's Cafe.  Every now and then I feel the need to take heed of the inner hippy that’s inside me.  After days of heavy meals, we wanted a light lunch.  Something nourishing.

I love freshly squeezed fruit juices and smoothies.  So I got a mixed berry, banana and apple smoothie.  It’s such a great way to get vitamins and fibre into you. 

We especially loved the soup of the day – an aromatic, homely turkey vegetable broth.  Chunks of turkey in a deeply golden brown broth with cubes of veggies.  It was delicious and just what we needed.  It came with slices of multigrain toast.

The Lawyer also got a coffee, which was pretty big in size.

So impressed were we of the food that we came back the next day.  However, the food wasn’t so good this time round.  I tried a different smoothie, which was fine.

The soup of the day was a curry based soup.  It was okay but it was nowhere near the flavoursome and may-I-have-some-more qualities of the turkey broth from yesterday.  Also, it was as appetising looking as the turkey broth.

Rather disappointingly was my breakfast dish.  This wasn’t at all what I had expected.  Bland cubes of potatoes despite it being cooked with lots of dried herbs (which I realised was their version of hash potatoes), and a soggy-ish mound of scrambled eggs that was topped with crumbled fetta and olives… it was all rather unappetising.

Verdict – we liked it.

Based on our two visits, Coco's is a mixed bag.  The first visit showed us that they can serve great food.  The second visit was a letdown.

The place is popular with the locals (I think it’s the only ‘health food/new age-y’ cafĂ© in the town) and with tourists who are needing something healthier and/or vegetarian.  Seating is limited and it's a bit cramped.  It's best to go before the peak breakfast and lunch times.

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