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Muddings Bakery, Glen Waverley by Bureaucrat

Muddings Bakery is an institution in Glen Waverley.  Along with Rock Kung (an old school Chinese restaurant, which is located a few doors down), Muddings is the only eatery in the Kingsway area that's been there long before property prices shot up in Glen Waverley; and you could hardly imagine that Kingsway would be congested with double-parked cars and diners galore.  Admittedly, despite being an institution, my last visit to Muddings was back when I was a teenager.

Muddings Bakery, Glen Waverley, cupcake
Yes, this is definitely making me happy!

In the past few months, I've reminded myself why I liked Muddings as a teen.  Despite a modest shopfront, I'm glad to say it's still popular among the locals.  There's always a steady stream of people coming in for their fix of cakes, pastries (sweet and savoury), bread, pies and sangers.  

The following is some of the yummy goodies I've eaten recently.  You'll note that it's almost exclusively the sweet (good) stuff... lol.  I did also buy a half-loaf of wholemeal bread but, in my opinion, Muddings is more a cake/takeaway place than a proper bakery - the range in fresh-baked bread is fairly limited, and as far as I could tell, they don't even do a sourdough bread.

Muddings Bakery, Glen Waverley, petit fours
One time, I just couldn't pass up the chance to snag this delightful tray of petit fours.  Freshly made, with only a limited trays available, this made a perfect mid-morning treat for me.  By memory this was around $15 for a dozen.  

Muddings Bakery, Glen Waverley, petit fours
The tartlets were filled with either a custard creme or a lemon curd and topped with fresh fruit. Just the right size, and not too sweet, to go with a cuppa.

Muddings Bakery, Glen Waverley, cheesecake, cupcakes
Also delicious were the baked cheesecake and the fancy cupcakes.  The rather pretty cupcakes were like mud-cake with a sour cream frosting.  Luxurious and decadent this was!  While I do love frosting, it was a tad too much for me.  

Muddings Bakery, Glen Waverley, cheesecake
The cheesecake was a fairly generous slice.  Not too sweet and fairly smooth for a baked cheesecake (my preference is for refrigerator cheesecakes for that mousse-like texture).

Muddings Bakery, Glen Waverley, smiley face cupcakes, red velvet cupcake
It was happy days for Boy Chick when I surprised him with some smiley face cupcakes.  These were plain vanilla cupcakes with icing and chocolate buttons on top - he was a happy chappy!  Although it was a red velvet cupcake, my fancier cupcake tasted more like a Cherry Ripe (see first pic too).

Muddings Bakery, Glen Waverley, steak and mushroom pie
One cold morning and sans breakfast found me ordering a steak and mushroom pie for my brunch.  This was a pretty good pie - nothing fancy but it hit the spot. The steak was a teeny tiny bit gristly but the filling had great flavour.  If I need a quick hot meal, I'd get a pie from here again.

Muddings Bakery, Glen Waverley

Muddings Bakery, Glen Waverley


We loved it
We loved it.
Cheap eats
Cheap eats.


It's easy to see why Muddings has stuck around for so long.  Service is very friendly, and it's so lovely stepping into this place.  Definitely come by if you're in the area.

Find it at

Muddings Bakery
107 Kingsway
Glen Waverley VIC 3150
Phone: (03) 9560 6209

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