Monday, July 22, 2019

Curator 23, Mt Waverley by Bureaucrat

As fun as it is to try new places, it's always good to return back to those cafes that made a good impression.  Two years ago, we checked out Curator 23 and for a cold blustery lunch one day, we thought it was timely to go visit it again.  

Curator 23, Mt Waverley
The biggest change to Curator 23 was the decor.  It used to smartly decorated in bright yellow and modern touches, which I liked.  But now, it's transformed into this almost Alice in Wonderland does high tea with nanna, which I love!  And clearly, I'm not the only woman who thinks that - the cafe was filled with smartly dressed ladies having a yarn over tea and lunch.  There's lots of greenery (albeit of the plastic variety), velvet cushions, marbled table tops, Laguiole knives, Le Creuset crockery, gorgeous wooden trays, dainty heavy golden teaspoons, and lots of pink, pink, pink!  The owners have clearly spent some serious coin in decorating a modest suburban eatery.  Even the Lawyer said he felt conscious of the fact that he, along with two other guys, were the only men in the cafe... lol.  

Curator 23, Mt Waverley, zucchini and corn fritters
Although it was two years ago, the Lawyer remembered enjoying a seafood spaghetti here.  He  was rather hoping that it would still be on the menu.  Alas, it wasn't.  He ordered a zucchini and corn fritter, which came with avocado, wilted spinach, poached egg and tomato salsa. 

Curator 23, Mt Waverley, fried chicken burger
I went for a fried chicken burger with chips.  This was pretty tasty.  There was a fairly generous serve of chicken, which was actually chicken thigh (my preference).  Simple and good, it was juicy and flavoursome.  I also loved the gooey soft cheese and onions on top.  

Curator 23, Mt Waverley, chocolate milkshake
Boy Chick grazed from our dishes and also had a chocolate milkshake which was served in a rather elegant (crystal?) glass.

Curator 23, Mt Waverley, soy chai latte
We also got a soy chai, which was also served in a rather beautiful cup.

 Curator 23, Mt Waverley
Surround yourself with flowers in the outdoor seating


We loved it
We loved it.
Mid value
Mid value.


I love the changes at Curator 23!  It's such a lovely and civilised place.  Definitely bring your mum or nanna and I'll guarantee you'll be in their good books.

Find it at

Curator 23
307 Stephensons Road
Mount Waverley VIC 3149
Phone: (03) 9807 4532

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