Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Middle Brighton Baths Cafe, Brighton by Bureaucrat

Back in the day, as footloose DINKS, taking the time out for a leisurely lunch at a fine dining restaurant was an option for us.  So in 2013(!), we enjoyed a lovely meal at The Baths at Brighton.  Skip forward to 2019, with Boy Chick in tow, we once again found ourselves in Brighton but this time, we decided to check out the cafe that's attached to The Baths (both eateries are located at the same place - the restaurant is referred to as 'Upstairs', while the cafe/bar is 'Downstairs').

Middle Brighton Baths Cafe, Brighton, chocolate milkshake
Boy Chick and his chocolate milkshake (kid's size)

As you could imagine, the cafe is more relaxed than its counterpart upstairs.  We chose to sit on the patio which overlooks The Baths' own private beach.  While I recall the food in the restaurant being reasonably good, the cafe fare was amazing!  

Middle Brighton Baths Cafe, Brighton, fish and chips
Being by the beach, we just had to go for the fish and chips (an absolute steal at $24!). And, boy, this didn't disappoint!  The photo doesn't do the fish justice.  This was an impressively big piece of fish fillet.  I couldn't figure out what fish it was - perhaps, cod?  

Middle Brighton Baths Cafe, Brighton, fish and chips
It was meaty yet flaky and gorgeously fresh!  That delicate sweetness of fresh fish and it was oh-so succulent! It had a great beer batter (thin yet crispy and not oily) and the chips were thick cut perfection.  Also worth mentioning was the homemade mayo and super fresh peppery rocket - yum!

Middle Brighton Baths Cafe, Brighton, deep fried calamari
Equally delicious was this gorgeous plate of tangled peppery calamari ($19 - bargain!).  Once again, I know the photo doesn't quite show it, but it was a generous serve of super tender long tendrils.  Simply marvellous!

Middle Brighton Baths Cafe, Brighton, lattes
We also go some drinks.  Boy Chick got a kid's size chocolate milkshake (see first pic), while we got a mug of latte and almond milk spicy ginger latte.  I have to say I didn't like the ginger latte... it had a mild zinginess to it but somehow it tasted oddly bland (probably the almond milk?).  After two sips, I gave the rest to the Lawyer.

The private beach

Brighton Beach Boxes
Nearby Brighton beach boxes


We loved it
We loved it.
Mid value
Mid value.


Love the Middle Brighton Baths Cafe!  The food was so delicious - I'm definitely going back there again. There was enough food for the three of us - and I can tell you that the Lawyer and I felt more than full afterwards (and we're greedy when it comes to seafood!).

Also worth nothing was the service - prompt and accommodating regarding our various seating and ordering requests.

Find it at

Middle Brighton Baths Cafe
251 Esplanade
Brighton VIC 3186
Phone: (03) 9539 7000

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