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Yokohama Teppanyaki, Glen Waverley by Obelix

Teppanyaki is the theatre restaurant equivalent in Japanese cuisine.  Set menus; a bit of a showmanship served with an undercurrent of ribaldry usually catering to a group of revellers.  It is good fun with food thrown in (literally).

Yokohama Teppanyaki, Glen Waverley, salad

A big group of us lunched on the Moriawase menu ($57.50 per person).  As far as teppanyaki menus go, it was a balanced menu with plenty of veggies.  The seafood was fresh and the steak tender.  Dietary requirements were able to be accommodated.  I received a fruit plate instead of the ice cream for dessert and seafood allergies were catered for by substituting extra steak in lieu of seafood.  The chefs (we had two) thoughtfully adjusted the timing the seafood was cooked to minimise contact with other foods.

I enjoyed the service and quality of the food. However as a teppanyaki experience, it fell a little flat.  Our chefs were a bit subdued and therefore it lacked the fun joviality and theatrics often associated with teppanyaki (as a comparison, Tokyo Teppanyaki certainly incorporates theatrics as part of the meal).

Yokohama Teppanyaki, Glen Waverley, beanshoots
We kicked things off with an appetiser of stir fried bean sprouts and green salad (see first pic).

Yokohama Teppanyaki, Glen Waverley, chicken karaage
Chicken karaage

Yokohama Teppanyaki, Glen Waverley, miso soup
Miso soup

Whilst the hot plate was heating, the chicken karaage and miso soup were served.

Yokohama Teppanyaki, Glen Waverley, vegetables
Seasonal hot veggies being cooked

Yokohama Teppanyaki, Glen Waverley, vegetables
Once the hot plate was heated, the seasonal veggies were done on that with plenty of garlic butter.

Yokohama Teppanyaki, Glen Waverley, omelette
Omelette for the fried rice

Yokohama Teppanyaki, Glen Waverley, fried rice
We moved onto the fried rice.  I was hoping for the usual omelette throwing and rice throwing but as we were deep in conversation, the chefs seem reluctant to interrupt us for what I always thought was the entertaining part.

Yokohama Teppanyaki, Glen Waverley, scallops, king prawns
Scallops and king prawns being cooked

Yokohama Teppanyaki, Glen Waverley, scallops, king prawns
Following the fried rice, the seafood (three scallops and one king prawn were served).  Seafood cooked on the hot plate - there can be no better smell than that!

Yokohama Teppanyaki, Glen Waverley, steak
The finisher was grilled steaks served with more bean sprouts.

Yokohama Teppanyaki, Glen Waverley, fruit
The set menu came with a choice of either matcha or vanilla ice cream for dessert however I was substituted a fruit plate due to dairy sensitivities.


We really liked it
We really liked it.
Mid value
Mid value.


The service and quality of the food in the teppanyaki menu was excellent.  My recommendation when booking for a crowd is to request an upbeat, engaging chef to complete the whole teppanyaki experience.

Find it at

Yokohama Teppanyaki
Century City Walk
285-287 Springvale Road
Glen Waverley 3150 Vic
Phone: 9560 1117

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