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The Moldy Fig, Brunswick East by Ruby Grapefruit

My dining companion Marty Grath and I were excited to be invited to the Moldy Fig restaurant bar to try a selection of New Orleans dishes as it’s a type of cuisine not commonly found in Australia. The restaurant is very welcoming with a view to the open kitchen which looked extremely clean and neat. The lovely mood was set by a singer/guitarist sitting in the corner playing cover songs.

The Moldy Fig, Brunswick East, hurricane
The evening started with a fresh take on the famous New Orleans rum based cocktail called the Hurricane. This very refreshing version contained passion fruit and pomegranate. We really enjoyed this as the intense tartness of the pomegranate balanced perfectly with the passion fruit. It wasn’t overly sweet, as this type of cocktail can often be. 

There is an extensive drinks menu which includes a range of cocktails and Abita beer which is the local New Orleans brew. On this very hot night the Abita amber ale we sampled went down a treat.

The Moldy Fig, Brunswick East, chicken po boy
We were then invited to order from their selection of po’ boys which are baguettes filled with meat or seafood. The Southern fried chicken po’ boy contained perfectly cooked deep fried chicken morsels, fresh and tangy red cabbage slaw, and bread that was soft inside and crisp outside. 

The Moldy Fig, Brunswick East, shrimp po boy
We also had the Southern fried shrimp po’ boy which was also very good. It was a simple and light dish that was beautifully done, and one that we would certainly go back for.

The Moldy Fig, Brunswick East, cornbread
The night continued with a range of shared dishes being brought out. The selection of three types of cornbread included regular, chilli and garlic. The texture was somewhere in between bread and scones, and the flavours were good, although the chilli version could have had a bit more of a kick.

The Moldy Fig, Brunswick East, turkey meatballs
We really enjoyed the turkey meatballs wrapped in pancetta and served with cranberry infused braised red cabbage. The meatballs were rich and moist, and the sweetness of the cabbage matched it perfectly. I guess that Americans are onto something with the classic turkey and cranberry combo.

The Moldy Fig, Brunswick East, veggie bites
Southern fried vegetable bites

The Moldy Fig, Brunswick East, lamb ribs
Lamb ribs with bourbon glaze

Not all the dishes were as successful. The Southern fried vegetable bites were a little too rich after the other courses, and the lamb ribs with bourbon glaze had a bit too much fat and not enough meat.

The Moldy Fig, Brunswick East, gumbo
Perhaps the highlights were the two classic New Orleans dishes gumbo and jambalaya. The gumbo was a rich stew containing chicken and andouille (smoked) sausage served with rice. It was a tasty combination and we added a spicy kick with their delicious homemade chilli sauce. 

The Moldy Fig, Brunswick East, jambalaya
Even better was the jambalaya which was a rice dish containing chicken and prawns. With Spanish and French origins it’s similar to paella but a little wetter like a risotto. This dish worked on every level: taste, texture and appearance.

The Moldy Fig, Brunswick East
We were impressed by our banquet. The restaurant takes pride in using free range and sustainable produce so the dishes are made with quality ingredients. We especially enjoyed the gumbo and jambalaya which use ingredients and spices not commonly found in Australia.

The staff were extremely friendly and very passionate and knowledgeable about New Orleans and its cuisine.


We liked it
We liked it.
Mid value
Mid value.


The cuisine of New Orleans is definitely worth exploring and the Moldy Fig will provide you with a great introduction to the classic dishes. Most of the dishes were very tasty, and we can vouch that the serving sizes are generous and perfect for sharing.

Please do check out their website for details on their special events. There are lots to choose from including live music, happy hours, and swing dance classes.

The Eat and Be Merry Crew were guests of the Moldy Fig.

Find it at

The Moldy Fig
120 Lygon Street
Brunswick East VIC  3057
Phone:  9042 7613

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