Monday, June 26, 2017

Old Kingdom, Surrey Hills by Obelix

Old Kingdom is a no frills but bang for your buck duck.  The Peking Duck meal is what most patrons come for.  But forward planning is required as the ducks need to be ordered at the time of booking and booking is essential as the place is packed like a cattle car and the feeding of the cattle (ie you) is within a 2 hour time slot before you are replaced by the next round of cattle.  Whew!  I get a bit short of breath just thinking about it - it's a sprint across the finishing line to gobble your duck.

Old Kingdom, Surrey Hills, peking duck
Peking duck

The ducks themselves are executed very well.  Crispy thin skin with a subtle spice seasoning.  Allow for 1 duck for 2 people.  It may sound a tad greedy but the ducks are on the smaller side.

Old Kingdom, Surrey Hills, peking duck
Peking duck being carved up

Old Kingdom, Surrey Hills, peking duck
The pancakes are ultra thin and are more delicate crepes than wrappers.  Extra crepes can be purchased for $0.50 each and we found we had more duck for the crepes so ordered an extra 10 stack.

Old Kingdom, Surrey Hills, bean shoots and duck
Bean sprouts and duck

The add-ons after we have polished off our duck and pancakes were a choice of either bean sprouts and duck stir fry or the said same on top of a bed of noodles.  We opted for one of each.  The crispy noodles were a stark contrast to the soft beansprouts and duck which made for a delicious textural contrast.

Old Kingdom, Surrey Hills, duck soup
The other add on was the duck soup made with a duck carcass, picked vegetables and tofu.  It was light and brothy.

The Peking Duck meal cost $55 per duck.


We loved it
We loved it.
Mid value
Mid value.


For a value for money Peking duck, Old Kingdom delivers but just don't expect luxe settings.

Find it at

Old Kingdom
683 Canterbury Road
Surrey Hills Vic 3127
Phone: 03 9898 3343

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