Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Lily Loves George, Blackburn by Bureaucrat

Third time lucky is how we came to sample some of Lily Loves George's food.  I was sure that Lily Loves George was open on the weekends - having seen the lights on and people coming and going from here as we drove past it on countless weekends.  And thus, in the past year or so, we've fronted up on a Sunday and found it closed.  I reasoned that it must only be opened on a Saturday.  And thus, a few months later we found ourselves again in Blackburn and was looking forward to having a spot of lunch... but... only to find it closed.  D'oh!

Lily Loves George, Blackburn, Portuguese tart
Portuguese tart

Months past, until now.  We just so happened to be Blackburn during the weekday and thought surely it must be open!  And open it was.  It's a cute cosy cafe that has the hum of pleasant conversation within.  While we really wanted to stay and have our afternoon pick-me-up there, there isn't much space to maneuver a pram inside.  As such, we got our pastries as takeaway.

While I was paying for them, I mentioned to the staff how we had been wanting to come here for a very long time.  It turns out that when it was first opened, Lily Loves George was indeed opened throughout the weekend (I wasn't going nuts!) but over time, the owners decided to keep the cafe open during the week since there wasn't enough customers during the weekend.

The Portuguese tart had a deliciously smooth eggy custard with a hint of caramelised sugar on top (see first pic).  It was a nice size (a little bit bigger than most Portuguese tarts I've seen/eaten) and the pastry was thin and flaky.  This was very nice with a cuppa.

Lily Loves George, Blackburn, custard doughnut
The custard doughnut was still pretty good considering it had dried out a little bit (we came late in the day to buy it).  There was plenty of vanilla custard inside and the doughnut itself had a delightful yeasty chewiness to it.

Lily Loves George, Blackburn


We really liked it
We really liked it.
Cheap eats
Cheap eats.


A really cute cafe.  I'd definitely would like to come back again to have a proper meal and coffee here.  Service is friendly and the staff seem to know all the locals that come by.

Find it at

Lily Loves George
18 Chapel Street
Blackburn VIC 3130
Phone: 0448 328 960

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